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Purest Wholesale Aromatherapy At Sensible Prices!
Including organic, rare & precious essential oils,
carrier oils & hydrosols!

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Did You Know
That you can Purchase Wholesale Essential Oils
and Aromatherapy Accessories
With A Valid Tax Resale Number?

Aroma Studio has access to hundreds of pure, authentic essential oils, diffusers, and aromatherapy products from the renowned line known as
Oshadhi USA.  If you are a retail store, manufacturer, or professional with a tax resale number, we will email you a free wholesale catalog!  This catalog will arrive as an email attachment.  Just use your free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view it! Minimum order of $100. Orders of $200 or more receive free shipping..

Get your free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader from:
http://www.adobe.com or http://www.tucows.com

Call us toll-free between 8am - 8pm EST on 888.432.0292 or 845.651.1225 with your name, business name, phone number, and state sales tax resale number.

You need a tax resale # to buy wholesale unless you reside in MT, NH, or OR where there is no state sales tax.  To obtain a tax resale #, please contact your State Dept of Taxation.  They will send you the form that you need to begin reselling products. If you reside in MT, NH, or OR, you may use your business registration #.

When you become a wholesale aromatherapy customer, we offer the following benefits:


Aromatherapist On Staff.


Friendly & Fast Customer Service.


Easy Ordering By Phone, Email, or Fax.


Product Phone Support


A Complete Education System with our
Aromatherapy Home Study Certification

To get a feel for the many essential oils that will be available to you when you become a wholesale customer, check out our Professional List. This is a partial list.

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