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What You're Saying About Home Study Certification!

"I would absolutely recommend this to a friend!"
Barbara I.

"The chemistry was simple and easy to understand compared to other courses I've seen."
Debra Q.

"I found just what I needed and had been looking for. I feel that I can use this in my line of work and be very confident."
Deborah E.

"It was great fun!"
Jennifer S.

"Well worth the money!"
Corinne E.

"This course and certification will enable me to widen by practice...as an R.N."
Mary S. R.N.

"This course has given me a well_rounded foundation in becoming successful within the aromatherapy field. It...was all well thought out and well organized....Katherine is a very pleasant, educated, experienced and well balanced woman. She was of great help to me from start to finish."
Stephen M.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and find myself interested in future courses."
Carlene T.

"This course was great fun. Once I got started I couldn't stop....The projects are great."
David M.

"Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. Your helpfulness has been most appreciated."
Lillian F.

"My understanding of aromatherapy has greatly increased."
Kathy O.

"I had taken a course on aromatherapy....It doesn't hold a light to your course. The reference materials will come in handy for years to come."
Jackie H.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Ms. Jenkins was helpful and readily available when a question arose. The material was full of useful information and was easy to comprehend. I was able to complete the course in my spare time, thus I was able to work and learn. I would recommend this course to everyone interested in learning about aromatherapy."
Steven H.

"The knowledge I have gained on the subject is incredible. Kathy is a great help...a wonderful teacher, person, and friend!"
Sam M.

"Your course helped me to become familiar with the scientific aspect of essential oils." Charity B.

"The course was wonderful! It not only challenged me, but made me want to learn more. I am very confident that this course has helped to place me in a level of higher knowledge of aromatherapy, so I will be able to more proficiently help my customers with their aromatherapy needs."
Michele Y

"The charts are great!"
Mia G.

"All the information I needed was there....My passion for the use of essential oils has greatly increased."
Betty Jo B.

"The whole course was above average in every way....I feel in touch with scent now more than ever and with a true understanding of the craft."
Francy L.

"The entire course is very thorough and helpful in business and hobby alike."
Marilyn F.

"Kathy was extremely helpful and prompt in answering questions."
Renuka K.

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