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Featured Essential Oils
For Natural Perfumery

Cedrus atlantica
Morocco from wood
Strengthening, woodsy, masculine scent.  A relaxing oil that is useful for coughs.

Champaca absolute
Michelia champaca
India from flowers
Very sweet, floral scent also known as champa. Adds depth to blends. Traditionally used in Indian incense.  Wonderful for aphrodisiac blends and "love potions!"

Clary Sage
Salvia sclarea
France from flowering plant
Euphoric, calming herbaceous scent.  Useful for menstrual and menopausal problems.

Coriandrum sativum
France from seed
Spicy, warming, stimulating scent helpful for digestion.  Adds "fire" to blends.

Cuminum cyminum
Egypt from seed
Spicy, warming, and intense.  Reminiscent of Indian cooking. Helpful for the digestion.

Fokienia hodginsii
Vietnam from wood
Silky smooth hormonal for men. Supportive and gently strengthening.  An exotic woodsy scent.

Pelargonium graveolens
Reunion from flowering plant
Floral, balancing, and stress-relieving.  Wonderful to balance female menstrual and menopausal difficulties.

Citrus paradisii
USA/Israel from peel
Uplifting and refreshing citrus scent.  A pick-me-up useful for mornings, afternoon slump, and jet lag.  Helpful for digestion and cellulite.

Helichrysum italicum
France from flowering plant
Strong herbaceous scent useful for both bruising of the skin and emotional bruising.   Helpful for breaking addictions.  Useful as a perfume fixative and a base note.

Jasmine Sambac
Jasminum sambaca
India from flowers
Rich heavy floral scent.  The premium jasmine. An aphrodisiac. Wonderfully euphoric!

Lavandula vera
France from flowering plant
Sweet floral with clean herbaceous scent.  Calming, sedating, and balancing. Useful for cuts, burns, insect bites, and bruises.  Helpful for PMT, stress, anxiety, and depression.  Pain-relieving for sore muscles.  Clearing for headaches.

Cymbopogen citratus
Tanzania from grass
Lemony, refreshing yet relaxing, top note.  Helpful for cellulite.

Cymbopogen martinii
Nepal from grass
Rose-like, balancing, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial.  Useful for colds and afflictions of the skin.

Pogostemon patchouli
India from plant
Heavy, earthy scent.  Grounding action.  Useful for itchy skin. Also an insecticide.

Rose absolute
Rosa centifolia
Morocco from flowers
Sweet rich sensuous floral.  Creates a loving aura.  Useful for grief, stress, and anxiety.

Rosmarinus officinalis
Flowering plant from France
Herbaceous, stimulating, penetrating scent.  Refreshes the mind, relieves muscle pain, and helpful for colds and coughs.

Santalum album
India from wood
Smooth, relaxing, strengthening scent.  Useful for meditation and spiritual work. Opens the heart.

Vanilla absolute
Vanilla planifolia
Madagascar from fruit
Creamy rich sweet scent.  Creates a feeling of safety and feeling "at home."  A favorite of men and women.  A classic aphrodisiac.

Vetiveria zizanoides
Indonesia from root
Grounding, earthy, and smooth.  Gets better with age.  A lingering base note for those who need to keep both feet on the ground.  A sensual scent for both men and women!

Ylang Ylang
Cananga odorata
Comoro Islands from flowers
A beautiful exotic floral.  Feminine and appealing.  Calming and highly effective for anxiety and palpitations.  Luxurious.

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