NAHA Standards 2
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How This Course Meets NAHA Standards For
Aromatherapy Education & Certification
For Foundation, Advanced & Master Level

Curriculum NAHA Recommendation AT Advanced/Master
Home Study Certification
Hours of Study 200 Total Hours 250 Hours
Number of Teachers 1 Teacher 1 Teacher
Home Study Home Study Okay Home Study Program
Case Studies 10 Case Studies 10 Case Studies
Projects No Recommendation 25 Projects (Foundation Level)
Professional Paper Yes Yes (Master Level)
Exam Yes Yes (Foundation Level)
Certificate Awarded Yes Yes (For Each Level)
Aromatherapy History Yes Ancient & Modern (Foundation Level)
Essential Oils Properties 75 Oils
Oil Name Translation No Recommendation Spanish, French & German
Production & Quality No Recommendation Yes
Methods of Extraction Yes Yes (Foundation Level)
Methods of Application Yes Yes
Physiology/Physical Yes Yes
Emotional Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes
Botany Yes Yes
Blending Yes Yes
Safety Yes Yes
Anatomy & Physiology Yes Yes
Business & Ethics Yes Yes
Consultation Yes Yes
Carrier Oils Yes 25 (Foundation Level)
Hydrosols (Floral Waters) No Recommendation 25 (Foundation Level)
Flower Essences No Recommendation 25 (Foundation Level)
Herbs No Recommendation 25 (Foundation Level)
Food Products No Recommendation 25 (Foundation Level)
Sea Salts No Recommendation 25 (Foundation Level)
Ayurveda No Recommendation Yes
CEU Credits No Recommendation In Process

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