Katherine's Invitation
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Dear Aspiring Aromatherapist,

Welcome to Aroma Studio!

Please accept my heartfelt invitation to follow the path
that leads to your new career, or that opens your senses
to a world full of wondrous scents from around
the globe.  The stones on this path are well-worn
from those who have preceded you.  They are lined
by fragrant herbs to soothe you and exotic grasses
to refresh you.  Leaves on this path will help you
to breathe a little easier and roots will keep your
feet firmly on the path.  There are seeds to show you
the potential in your life and wood to give you strength. 
Resins will offer you their ancient wisdom and slow your
breath to enjoy each moment of your journey.  And rinds
from fruit will burst forth with juicy inspiration!

All this knowledge is here for you, when you are ready to take the next step.
Let me be with you on your journey as your friend and your guide.

Please call me on 888.432.0292 or email me at aromastudio@yahoo.com.

"With Aroma Studio, LLC, You'll Never Walk Alone."

My warmest regards,

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05/29/2005 20:14:31