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Trade Handbook For The Aromatherapy Industry

The Business of Aromatherapy: The Insider's Guide To Success
Twentieth Edition for the Year 2005

What They're Saying:

"A great reference book."
"I started reading it immediately and couldn't put it down."
"You'll love it!"

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
    1.1 Why Retail Aromatherapy Products?

2. Aromatherapy Business Options
    2.1 Health Practitioners
    2.2 Aromatherapy Stores
    2.3 Gift Shops
    2.4 Metaphysical Stores & Herb Stores
    2.5 Bath & Body Stores
    2.6 Day & Resort Spas
    2.7 Natural Food Stores
    2.8 Mail Order Catalogs
    2.9 Traveling Stores
    2.10 Manufacturers

3. Aromatherapy Business Plan: Ten Step Process
    Step 1. Choose Aromatherapy Business Category
    Step 2. Choose Location
    Step 3. Choose Business Name
    Step 4. Obtain Tax Resale Certificate
    Step 5. Open Business Checking Account
    Step 6. Set Sales Goals
    Step 7. Advertise
    Step 8. Choose Aromatherapy Product Line(s)
    Step 9. Display and Sell Your Products
    Step 10. Educate Clients

4. Choosing a Line
    4.1 Product Criteria Checklist
    4.2 Packaging Criteria Checklist
    4.3 Company Criteria Checklist

5. Which Products to Purchase
    5.1 Single Note Essential Oils
    5.2 Top 30 Essential Oils
    5.3 Synergies
    5.4 Diffusers
    5.5 Carrier Oils
    5.6 Floral Waters and Mists
    5.7 Miscellaneous Products
    5.8 Product Checklist

6. Latin Made Easy
    6.1 Classification of Plants
    6.2 Aromatic Plant Families
    6.3 Essential Oils By Plant Family
    6.4 How To Decide Which Oil To Buy
    6.5 Common Latin Words Used in AT 

7. Chemistry Made Easy
    7.1 What is Organic Chemistry?
    7.2 Functional Groups and Their Properties
    7.3 Essential Oils by Functional Group
    7.4 Types of Oils Including Methods of Extraction

8. Aromatic Plant Parts And Human Body Systems
    8.1 Plant Parts
    8.2 Human Body Systems
    8.3 The Sense of Smell

9. Perfumery and Blending Made Easy
    9.1 Perfume Notes
    9.2 Essential Oil Categories
    9.3 Blending Methods
    9.4 Blending Challenges

10. Essential Oil Testing
    10.1 Why test?
    10.2 Is Testing Always Necessary?

11. Pricing Your Line
    11.1 Keystone Pricing
    11.2 Discount Pricing
    11.3 Magic Numbers
    11.4 Defining the Aroma Market
    11.5 Synthetic vs. Natural Price Point
    11.6 Factors Out Of Your Control That Affect Price
    11.7 Playing the Market To Your Advantage
    11.8 Channels of Distribution
    11.9 Tips For Saving Money

12. Caring For Your Line

13. Increasing Sales
    13.1 Company Perks
    13.2 Aromatic Corner
    13.3 Cross-marketing
    13.4 Oil of the Month Special
    13.5 Holiday Promotions
    13.6 Seasonal Promotions
    13.7 Monthly Calender
    13.8 Know Your Customer

14. Receiving Payment For Your Products and Services
    14.1 Cash
    14.2 Money Order
    14.3 Traveler=s Check
    14.4 Credit Card
    14.5 COD (Cash On Delivery)
    14.6 Check
    14.7 Terms
    14.8 Comparison Table of Payment Methods

15. Shipping Methods
    15.1 Comparison Table of Shipping Methods

16. Education B The Key to Success

17. Insurance
    17.1 Product Liability Insurance
    17.2 General Liability
    17.3 Contents (Property) Insurance
    17.4 Practitioner Insurance
    17.5 Common Sense Guidelines

18. Caring For Yourself As Your Business Grows

19. Glossary of Aromatherapy Terms

Appendix A: Aromatherapy Measurements
Appendix B: Warnings and Contraindications
Appendix C: Professional Reference Books
Appendix D: Aromatherapy Periodicals
Appendix E: Teaching Materials
Appendix F: Professional Organizations
Appendix G: Twelve Essential Oil Formulas For Success
Appendix H: Important Aromatherapy Phone Numbers
Appendix I: Sales Forecasting

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