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Here are some of Aroma Studio's favorite sites !

Aromatherapy Alliance
The Aromatherapy Alliance is a not-for-profit organization serving New York,
Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Aromatherapy Alliance holds
informative meetings to serve the aromatherapy community. Karen Flam
is the executive director of the Aromatherapy Alliance.

Babies Online
Serving your pregnancy and baby needs.

Chiropractic Life Center
Gentle low-force adjustments by Dr. Ann Studer of Warwick, NY.

HobaCare Jojoba
High quality, pure jojoba grown ethically on a 940 acre farm in Arizona.
It is pressed only once to optimize quality. It is non-allergenic
and has an indefinite shelf-life because it is a wax rather than an oil,
which means it contains no triglycerides. An excellent choice
for aromatherapy projects. We like the Boston Jojoba Company's
strong connection with the environment and their commitment
to people and product.

Licensed Massage Therapists in New York State:

    Bella Vista Day Spa
    Orange County, NY's premier full service Day Spa with breathtaking views
    that resemble a Tuscan countryside.

    Healing Intentions Therapeutic Massage of Orange County, NY

    Health Practices of Poughkeepsie, NY (Aroma Studio graduate)

Natural Healers
An informative resource for holistic schools plus articles on related modalities.

People Against Cancer
A non-profit public interest group that has developed a program that provides
treatment options for people with cancer.  People with cancer have "the right
to know and the right to choose."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Shakti Aromatic Energy
All natural body care products containing pure essential oils to enhance your wellbeing (Aroma Studio graduate).

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