Aroma Ethics
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Aromatherapy Ethics
For The Essential Oil Buyer

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Purity of Oils

bulletNothing should be added to or removed from the oil.
bulletOils should not be diluted with carrier unless stated on the bottle.
bulletOils should come from one source. For example, French Lavender & Bulgarian Lavender should not be combined and labeled as "Lavender."

Labeling of Oils

bulletBoth common name & Latin binomial must be on label.
bulletCountry of origin should be on label.
bulletProper warning should be on label.
bulletIn a perfect world, production date would be on the label, although few companies do this.  This is especially important for citrus oils.
bulletMilliliters should be on label.
bulletOils should be labeled as certified organic, organic, wildcrafted, or other.
bulletIngredients should be listed clearly on the label.

Type of Bottle

bulletBottle must be dark glass -- amber and blue are most common.
bulletBottle must have a reducer for safety and convenience.
bulletDroppers are not appropriate since the rubber will deteriorate.


bulletCompanies must treat employees, sales reps, and customers with respect.
bulletWomen, men, &minorities must be treated equally and receive equal pay.
bulletCompanies must make good on damaged product.
bulletCustomers should be notified of any unusual waiting times for products.
bulletCompanies must know the "source" of their product.
bulletCompanies should deal with individual growers as often as possible.
bulletPrices should be based on availability rather than demand.
bulletOwners and employees should have a thorough knowledge of aromatherapy.


bulletOrganic oils should be sourced whenever possible.
bulletPesticides compromise the health of the community as well as the consumer's.

Endangered Species

bulletOils from endangered species should be banned until they are no longer endangered.
bulletToday's planning protects tomorrow's plants.
bulletRoots and woods are especially at risk.
bulletWildcrafters must understand their craft.
bulletConsumer fads can be dangerous to the plant population.
bulletEducate yourself about the "Terminator Seed Technology" which will benefit no one but big business.

Animal Issues

bulletAvoid all ingredients that are animal derived.
bulletDo not use ingredients that are tested on animals ever.

World Issues

bulletTrade with countries that violate human rights is highly questionable.
bulletEducate yourself in order to make ethical choices when purchasing products.

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