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Aromatherapy Education Options

Aromatherapy Home Study Certification
If you are a retailer, practitioner, manufacturer or thinking about becoming one, this course could be for you!  Inspired by our best-selling book, The Business of Aromatherapy: The Insider's Guide To Success, The Aromatherapy Home Study Course brings you up to speed in an interesting, fun, and informative way via 25 hands-on aromatherapy projects.  Both marketing and technical information is thoroughly covered in a highly accessible way.  In other words, you will understand the material and be able to convey it to others -- namely your customers and clients!
Learn more about home study now!

Live Classes
If you live in the New York/New Jersey area, please call 888.432.0292 or 845.651.1225 to schedule a consumer or professional training.  We offer a wide range of aromatherapy courses to suit every need and budget.  These classes are of special interest to stores, schools, health practitioners, organizations, clubs, and all those interested in aromatherapy.

Phone Consultation
One-on-one training is available by phone on the aromatherapy topic of your choice.  Just choose the area you would like to focus on and we can schedule a session or series of sessions to meet your needs.  Some topics to consider are: safety, skincare, essential oils and massage, perfumery, first aid, pregnancy, children's health, women's health, seniors' health, improving your business, and aromatherapy careers.  Please call 845.651.1225 to schedule your appointment.

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