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Test Your Aromatic Skills!

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1. What is the most versatile essential oil?
    a. Lavandula stoechas
    b. Lavandula hybrida
    c. Lavandula vera
    d. Lavandula latifolia

2. The following essential oil is anti-fungal:
    a. Rosewood
    b. Tea Tree
    c. Myrrh
    d. All of the above

3. Essential oils distilled from leaves are good for:
    a. Respiration
    b. Relaxation
    c. Anxiety
    d. The skin

4. How many drops of essential oil should be used for an aromatherapy bath?
    a. 15
    b. 6 - 8
    c. 25
    d. Any of the above

5. Which of the following is Not a "hot" essential oil?
    a. Oregano
    b. Thyme thymol
    c. Thyme linalol
    d. Cinnamon

6. Which essential oil is Not an emmenagogue?
    a. Orange Sweet
    b. Chamomile
    c. Clary Sage
    d. Myrrh

7. What does "neat" mean?
    a. Diluted
    b. Undiluted
    c. Carefully applied
    d. None of the above

8. The following essential oil is phototoxic:
    a. Neroli
    b. Black pepper
    c. Bergamot
    d. Thyme

9. What do "radiata," "globulus," and "citriodora" have in common?
    a. They are all in the citrus family
    b. They are all essential oils derived from flowers
    c. They have nothing to do with aromatherapy
    d. They are all species of Eucalyptus

10. Who should use aromatherapy with care?
    a. Children
    b. Pregnant women
    c. The elderly
    d. All of the above

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