Aromatherapy & Cancer
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Aromatherapy & Cancer

Almost everyone's life has been touched by someone who has had cancer.
Essential oils can be used to deal with common symptoms associated with cancer.
For example, Lavender Highland (Lavandula vera) can be used in a diffuser to
create a peaceful, calming atmosphere conducive to a restful night's sleep.

Some cancers are linked to environmental toxins.  These toxins are carcinogens,
meaning they cause cancer.  One way to create a safer environment is to
support the organic movement.  Certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils
are available just as organic food is.

For more information, please contact Katherine on 888.432.0292.

This page is dedicated to Wayne Wilson, Jr.
who left this earth on June 24. 2003 at 34 years of age.
Wayne believed that people with cancer have choices in their treatment.
For more information, please refer to

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