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Aromatherapy Home Study Certification

Pure Essential Oils To Enhance Your Home Study

Live Aromatherapy Classes

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Aroma Studio

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Click here to read Katherine's Invitation to Aspiring Aromatherapists.

Aroma Studio is dedicated to professional aromatherapy education and publication.

We carry a complete line of training materials, home study, essential oils, diffusers, and aromatherapy accessories for professionals, including aromatherapists, retail stores, manufacturers, practitioners, and catalogs.

We accept VISA/MC/American Express/Discover/Paypal/Checks/Western Union.

Our signature product is Our Home Study Certification.
It includes: The Business Of Aromatherapy: The Insider's Guide To Success
New! Help Wanted.  Income Opportunities For Students.

Aroma Studio, LLC is owned and operated by Katherine Graf.

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